Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Why Is It Being Kept Alive Part 2

After a lot of thought and some gentle encouragement from my Dad I’ve decided take my last blog entry out a bit farther. I’ve stated before there are several reasons why the Government and Special Interest Groups would want to promote the continuing of the welfare class. Unfortunately with recent news out of Atlanta they are doing a great job of doing just that. Spokesmen from the section 8 housing authority were claiming a success when instead of the 10,000 people they expected to turnout to receive applications for future section 8 housing, there were 30,000 people that turned out. This was not even for housing; this was just for application for future housing. Why would you claim a success if 3 times more people were in dire need then what you expected? Wouldn’t that tell you that some of the policies of the Government, both local and Federal, were not getting people out of poverty, instead they are putting more people in poverty. The more people that are in poverty or on the welfare rolls the more control the Government will have over their lives. So back on track and to prove the point that the Government is more concerned with control then they are the people. In reasoning this through I came to realize, with insight from my Dad, OK, he actually pointed me in the right direction like a good Father should; anyhow, there is an amazing parallel to history of our own nation that we are living in.

In the early part of our countries history the Southern States believed in slavery, it was a way of life. Some slave owners only looked at the slaves as tools, as another tool for them to use on their plantations to ensure their crops made it to market. Other slave owners actually felt they had a duty to take care of the blacks, to protect them from all the harmful things they could not handle on their own. They had this belief that the black race was not smart enough to take care of themselves, they were only smart enough to take orders and carry them out. By taking care of the blacks the Plantation owners benefited in many ways. The benevolent owners tended to have happier workers, this created fewer problems on the Plantation and in some cases it even promoted a sense of loyalty. In general slave owners also benefited from the labor of their slaves financially but the benevolent ones also benefited in the social circles, they could stand proud in their social circles with their benevolence, when in the truth they were getting ahead in life on the strong backs and hard work of other individuals. In the early south they realized that they had to control the black population to continue the manipulation. The legislative body of the Southern States went so far as to pass laws making it illegal to educate blacks, they wanted to prevent blacks from learning enough to realize that what was being done to them went against natural law, if they gained knowledge they would be able to do things for themselves and they would understand what was being done to them. Does any of this sound familiar?

MICHELLE OBAMA: "Barack knows that we are going to have to make sacrifices; we are going to have to change our conversation; we're going to have to change our traditions, our history; we're going to have to move into a different place as a nation."

Michelle Obama’s statement shows exactly what is going on with the Government. Don’t get me wrong, it’s been going on for quite a while; it’s just that in the last couple of years the pace has been stepped up. Since the Department of Education split from the Department of Health, Education and Welfare under the Carter administration in 1979 our education system has changed. It used to be that we taught our children the things they needed to succeed in life. It has now evolved so that we teach our children what it takes to pass to the next grade or to be able to pass the college admission tests, regardless of whether they can write a check of figure out their gas mileage, or be able to fill out a tax return, you know, the things that all of us end up having to do in life. There has been a movement growing across America for the past couple of decades, a movement towards kindler gentler handling of our children, everyone gets a trophy, everyone passes, no using red pens when grading papers, children have more rights then the parents, etc… It’s been blamed on the left wing liberal tree huggers, but in reality it has been every administration that has been in office over the past 3 or 4 decades. It’s just part of the plan to completely enslave the American people. I started to say the American working class, but that’s not right, they want to enslave us all, starting with our children. If our children are brainwashed in the school systems that everyone should succeed, not that everyone has the opportunity to succeed, but that everyone should succeed and that there are no failing grades, then they are being set up for utter and complete failure when they get out in the real world. When they fail at the hands of the evil capitalists or the evil constitutionalists then the Government can come in and bail them out, be the big hero, its part of the plan.

I’ve used education as an example only because that is where it starts. Look at what has happened to industry in this country; the unions are being supported by the Government in their takeover of every industry and service they can get their hands on. When the union has control no longer does the individual have control of their destiny. The Government while they may not actually own them, they have gotten control over the housing mortgage market through Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, they have control in the auto industry through GM, they have has control over the rail and air travel for decades. All of this leads to control over what Americans as individuals can do. As the Government seizes power and grows in size it needs more money to operate and more money to throw at the peasants to keep them happy, and yes, that is all the concern they have, they want us happy so we will vote for them. In order to gain this money they have to increase the hold they have on the people. In today’s society that means increasing taxes. With each increase in taxes we have an increased hold on the American people. With each increase in the Federal Deficit and the Federal Debt it’s an increase on the hold of the American people. In Colonial America and the early American history we had indentured servitude. Indentured servitude meant that you owed your life to someone for a set number of years in payment for some service that was provided to you, at the end of that time your debt was paid. In some cases you also ended up with a small stake of land to start a new life on. Indentured servitude led to slavery in America. The difference being that there was no light at the end of the tunnel for slaves, there was no end date when the contract was satisfied. Well we are at that point again; there is no end date when this debt that the Federal Government has run up will be paid. This debt will not fail on the wallets of those in Congress; it falls on our wallets and the wallets of who knows how many generations to follow. This means we are becoming a nation of slaves, we are forever working for the financial gain of our master, not ourselves with no end in sight. At least as an indentured servant we could look forward to paying off our debt in seven years and starting a life of our own on our measly 40 acres, not so today, we are slaves, the very thing that this country tore itself apart about in the late 1800’s, only today instead of the Government trying to abolish slavery, they are the slave holders. The individual sovereign States are no more so there will be no secession to fight this tyranny, or will there?

There are other ways the Government is working to recreate slavery in this country. Slavery prevented people from doing for themselves, slavery made the slaves beholding to their master. When the Government started the welfare program we know today they were enticing people to be beholding to the Government. Every week more people are going on unemployment; every week more people are going on some form of Government welfare; every week more people are becoming slaves to the Government. Over several generations the Government created a class of people that believe that welfare is their right and that is the way they want to live. They don’t stop to think of where that money comes from, they don’t care where that money comes from. As the number of people on welfare and unemployment increases there are fewer and fewer in the workplaces that are supporting them. Already we are seeing a huge deficit in the taxes that are being paid and the amount of money that is being paid out in the form of social programs, sooner or later those of us that are still trying to be responsible for our own destiny, those of us that are trying to be individuals will be paying more in taxes then we are earning; we will eventually be forced to take Government assistance to survive. When that happens where will the money come from? Does anyone really believe that the Plantation foreman, the union bosses, are going to sit around and let the Masters pocket book suffer because the slaves are just sitting around not working? We are headed to a country that chooses jobs for people, jobs based on skills or strength, not on personal choice. We will be required to work and what support we get will be determined by the Government, not by your own drive and desires.

Am I way off in left field with this? Some will say yes, probably those that are being taken care of by the Government, or those that are on hard times and believe the Government should see them through. The truth is that if we depend on the Government to take care of us this outlandish scenario is where we are headed. It will be better on us all if we take back our individualism now, learn to do for ourselves, accept jobs that we consider to be beneath us, stop expecting every thing to come to us on a silver platter and suffer a little now rather then a lot later.

Steve Avery

Monday, August 9, 2010

Why Is It Being Kept Alive?

On December 6th, 1865 the 13th Amendment abolishing slavery was ratified, on September 9th, 1868 the 14th Amendment granting civil rights was ratified and on February 3rd, 1870 the 15th Amendment ending black suffrage was ratified; who then has kept racism alive and kicking for so long? I’ll step back for a moment and give a little history lesson. There are 2 methods available to add an Amendment to the Constitution. The first way is for two-thirds of the legislatures in both houses of Congress to deem an Amendment as necessary. Once proposed the Amendment must be passed (ratified) by three-fourths of the States. The second method is for two-thirds of the States to call for a Constitutional Convention in which Amendments may be proposed; once again it takes three-fourths of the States to ratify the proposed Amendments. To date all Amendments have been proposed by Congress, not by a Constitutional Convention called by the States. In either case the President does not sign the Amendment; this is one of the powers enumerated to the States. With that in mind consider that it took 66% of Congress to agree that we needed to abolish slavery (13th), ensure that the blacks that had been brought here as slaves or born into slavery would be citizens of the United States (14th) and that all citizens, regardless of race, color or previous condition of servitude would have equal rights (15th). It then took 75% of the States to sign off on this and make it a permanent part of our Constitution. When do we ever hear of 66% of Congress and 75% of the States agree to anything? I know that just signing a piece of paper is not a magical bullet that will change everything, but 75% of the States thought this was a good idea and believed in it, so that would mean a small sector, 25% or less (I didn’t look up the exact numbers for the ratification of each) did not agree. That is a small number to keep the battle of the races going for as long as it has.

I don’t believe anyone can honestly state that some day racism will be abolished, we are people, we think for ourselves, there will always be racists. The blame game though has gone on for far too long. Gaining equality is a two way street, the majority has to swallow their racist attitudes and provide opportunities to the minorities, the minorities on the other hand have to swallow their racist attitudes and prove themselves as equals. Yes, I went there. I wasn’t a great student of history but from everything I read about the late 1800’s and early 1900’s the black race in particular was full of people that were trying to do just that, people with great pride and great minds. Sure there were groups such as the KKK that wanted nothing more then to keep blacks in servitude, but as evidenced by the proposing and ratification of the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments there were many more that wanted to give equality for all a go, isn’t that what America is really about? I’m not taking any of the blame for keeping racism alive off of the backs of whites, if whites were blameless there would have been no need for the Civil Rights movement (1954 to 1968), a movement that I might add had many white supporters and activists. It has now been another 40 years from that and we still see racism raising it’s ugly head all across the country. What is keeping it alive and why?

In America today you are considered a racist if you say or do anything that is anti-color, even if it is something that is pro-person regardless of color, case in point is the promotion of the white firefighters in Connecticut over the black firefighters based on test scores, not race. I would personally think that any person would rather be judged on their ability then on their color, isn’t that equality? What has happened to the pride that the black community used to have and claims they still have? How is everything being provided for you equal? How can you be proud of yourself when you are being taken care of by the Government? How can you expect to be respected when you are the second, third or even fourth generation living off welfare and believing it is owed to you? I have heard the argument that the whites are suppressing us for so long I could scream. I fail to see how anyone is being suppressed by their race, unless of course you are talking about whites having to watch what they say, or whites being denied jobs because of affirmative action, regardless of qualifications. Who is the real racist?

Instead of being angry at whites for a practice that was at the time world wide and has now been abolished, blacks should be angry at the very people they are going to when they cry wolf. Organizations like the NAACP are not living up to their name, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. If you want to advance people you help them to get out from under Government care, you put people on display that have become successful, you teach people how to respect themselves and others, you teach them how to assimilate into the society they live in. You don’t attack everything that would provide equality, you don’t allow hate groups like the New Black Panthers to be in the news spreading their racist ideals without speaking out against them. You don’t support groups that strong arm companies to hire unqualified blacks like the Rainbow Coalition has been known to do in the past. We no longer have segregated schools; all children have the same opportunity at a basic education today. What they do with that opportunity is on their backs and their parents backs, not on some other race. Higher education is not a function of race either; it’s a function of money. There are more programs available to blacks then there are to whites for getting funding for higher education, mainly because any program open to whites has to be open to blacks in order to not be called racist, not true for programs set up strictly for minorities. The question then must be not only who is keeping racism alive but why, who benefits from keeping it alive? It’s not the black race that’s benefiting.

For the most part the whole issue of racism seems to be strongest in the welfare community, those that are multiple generations of welfare families. I honestly believe that is not the majority of the black race or any other minority any more, but it is the loudest. Organizations like the NAACP and the Rainbow Coalition would not be necessary if racism was laid to rest for once and all. If all people regardless of color were to become one race, the American race, then they to would go into the shadows of racism to join the KKK. They will always be there but they will not be representative of the American majority. What benefit is there to the people of color to keep racism alive? The only one I can think of is getting their 15 minutes of fame with the media when they cry racism. The cons are great though. The more racism is in the news the higher the racial tension gets, the more you look at anyone of a different color then you and wonder if they are racist. Keeping it alive promotes the “you owe me” attitude which defeats any personal responsibility and keeps a race in a welfare state. Welfare is not good for anyone, it is a scam that makes you believe you are getting your just rewards when it is a system designed to keep people in check, to keep control over people one step above slavery. Didn’t we abolish slavery? The special interest groups and the Federal Government does not want anyone to break free of the welfare scam or to stop believing in racism, they want to maintain control over us in order to continue to promote their programs, pass more laws and line their pockets, they don’t care about equality or people, only power and money. When was the last time any race based special interest group told their race to quit complaining and stand on their own two feet, they don’t, they are constantly repeating the same old garbage that you are not equal but they will protest, get laws passed and take money to make you equal. Special interest groups are always bringing up the ratio of people in prison, stating that its racism causing the higher ratio on criminals in one race then another; please explain to me how this works. It’s racism that caused someone to rob a liquor store or to be involved in a drive by shooting? When did the personal responsibility get taken out of committing a crime? The Government wants to keep racial tension high so they can pass laws that will keep them in power and to further tax the American people, they are not interested in equality, especially since they believe themselves to be above all of us. If all programs singling out one race above another were abolished the special interest groups would no longer be needed.

Maybe I’m a bit of an idealist on this but I would like to believe that Americans can become one race of many colors that stands on our own abilities and merits or lack thereof. We will succeed or fail on our own, not on the back of others or to the benefit of some politician or special interest group. Here’s an idea for you, someone needs to start the NAAAP, the National Association for the Advancement of American People. An organization that would promote true equality, an organization that while promoting the different races to honor their heritage would encourage dropping any hyphens and all becoming Americans; one that would step into poor neighborhoods to provide assistance to people to get them on their feet by giving direction, not by demanding money; one that would step in to help schools that are not providing adequate education. An organization that would encourage people of all races to accept each other for who they are, not what color they are; one that would stand for the laws of the land; one that promoted an attitude of taking responsibility for your actions.

America has problems and keeping racism alive is one of them. There will always be racists of every color, there is nothing we can do about that, but that should not be one of the things that finally tears this country apart. We, being all Americans, are allowing our Government to grow into a monster that we will never be able to stop, racism is one of the issues they are using to ensure this growth; it is also one that is keeping us from coming together and stopping the monster. As long as the Government keeps the racial tension high the American people will not be able to come together in large enough groups to put the Government back on the right track.

Steve Avery
August 9, 2010

Sunday, August 1, 2010

What I Missed

Seems I missed a lot over the last couple of weeks. We took a couple of weeks off to play with our new used pickup truck, go to an awesome beach wedding between our middle son and his lovely now wife, and take care of some chores around the house. It was great forgetting the real world for a while, but it was still there.

We get back on the road and tune in our new Sirius radio to our favorite talk show hosts and get the jolt back to reality. One of the first things I hear about is an idea on the table by a couple of Democratic Senators from CA and WA. Seems they are purposing a bill to socialize 401K’s. They want to put them under Government control, make the earnings a flat 3% instead of being dependent on how mutual funds are doing. They also want to take away the tax breaks for the employer contribution which will cause employers to not want to contribute. There is also talk of them making it mandatory. Sounds a lot like Social Security all over again, except that this time there will be earnings of 3%. Now in some ways this sounds like a real good thing, making retirement planning mandatory. First we have to think about how it turned out the first time this was tried, Social Security is nothing but files full of IOU’s. Secondly we need to ask why they would even suggest a bill like this. Try this on for size, the Government is operating on major deficits, where else can they get their hands on millions or even billions of dollars, you guessed it, all of our hard earned 401K’s. If this was to get passed do you think they would stop there, oh no, better hold onto your IRA’s, they would be next. The Federal Government has turned into a slight of hand con artist, they are telling us that every thing is great, the recession is over, the economy is getting stronger, and the job market is getting stronger; what’s really happening is that the unemployment rate is still hovering around the 10% mark, businesses are closing all over the country, trust me, I’ve seen too many closed businesses, and we as a country are already placing the next 3 or 4 generations in debt, and that’s only if we stop spending now, if not America will never be out of debt. I did my research on this one as soon as I heard it, especially since I only heard one of the right wing talk show hosts talking about it. This is only a proposal by 2 Congressmen, so far as I could find it has not gone anywhere, so far. What scares me and I hope it scares everyone is that we have Congressmen that would even think of doing this, what’s worse is we have a large chunk of the voting populace that would think this was a great idea.

The next thing I hear about is this memo floating around from the White House to the Department of Immigration and to Homeland Security about bypassing Congress to defer deportation of illegals. So what exactly does that mean? Well let’s translate, it’s called amnesty. To give credit where credit is due, Homeland Security issued a statement that they would not grant deferred deportation to all the illegal immigrants in the country. What this means to me is that they will grant amnesty to any illegal immigrants that have no criminal record. That sounds good on the surface, we won’t grant amnesty to the criminals; hold on, isn’t crossing the border illegally a crime? Doesn’t committing a crime make you a criminal? What they are doing with this is not only making Congress inconsequential, they are trying to increase the voting block for the progressives. By making Congress inconsequential the White House is creating a monarchy, you know the same thing that the original colonists left to create this country, the same thing they fought against in the revolutionary war and during the Philadelphia Convention to create the Constitution of the United States of America.

The other stories I heard about just led me to a conclusion that has been bouncing around inside my pee brain for some time now. The DOJ doing nothing about the New Black Panthers and their statements about killing crackers and their babies; the NAACP not coming out condemning the New Black Panthers; the injunction against the State of Arizona’s new immigration law and the Shirley Sherrod firing. When you look at these issues and past issues you have to wonder what is really going on. This administration, the President in particular, wanted to bring all races together. The President even went on “The View” this past week saying we needed to make sure we have all the information before jumping to conclusions, kind of like in the Cambridge case where without all the information the Cambridge Police acted stupidly. What is happening is that this administration is doing everything they can to try and drive a wedge between the major races of the United States. Instead of trying to bring the citizens of the United States together, regardless of race, creed, color or religion, they are doing everything they can to keep racism alive. There have been attacks on the Tea Party’s accusing them of racism, irregardless of the fact the people of color attend the Tea Party’s and are active in the Tea Party movement. Why would the Government want to keep racism alive? This Government is trying to tear apart America as we know. The only reason I can think of for why they would want to do this is because they are going fly right past socialism to a monarchy.

And lastly while listening to one of the talk show hosts that I like to listen to a story came up about the President visiting GM in Detroit. The talk show host, who I’m going to leave nameless, went into a rant about how if the Democrats who are backing the President had traded their foreign cars and bought American made cars then the auto industry would not have needed a bail out. While some of that may be true and it does point out some of the hypocritical attitudes that elites have, do as I say not as I do, it was not an entirely true rant. While GM, Chrysler and Ford may have been started in America and are probably mostly American owned, they are no more American companies then Honda, Mercedes, BMW, Toyota or any of the other foreign car manufacturers that have plants here on American soil. All of those companies, while being foreign owned, employ Americans, as do all the small businesses throughout America that produce parts for those companies, parts that we frequently pick up from small single machine shops or warehouses converted to factories to deliver to major assembly plants throughout the country. On the other hand the “American” auto industry has steadily imported parts and exported jobs and factories either overseas or across our southern border to save a dime, or to escape the unions. The host went on to blame those that are driving foreign cars and the Government taxes and regulations on the decline of the “American” auto industry since more and more Americans are buying foreign cars since they can get more bang for their buck in the foreign car market. Let’s give credit where credit is due, the foreign car manufacturers have learned that having unions in the workplace causes the cost of manufacturing to go up, and that increase is therefore passed on to the consumer, so no unions in the foreign car factories. American car companies are literally run by the unions, therefore the cost of an American car is well above it’s worth. I know this is a departure from my normal ranting against the Government, or is it? Our Government is propping up the unions and helping them to take over all forms of manufacturing within our borders, in fact they are trying to help them spread out world wide. What is going to happen to the price of goods then?

If this is what I see has happened in the last couple of weeks what is going to happen in the next couple of months or years. If the American people don’t get out and vote in November to remove the progressives from Congress what is going to happen during the remainder of the Presidents term. Does this President even care if he is reelected? Is there some greater plan in the works behind the scenes that will make this President the last President we will ever have in this country? I’m not a conspiracy theorist but I am very concerned with the direction we are headed, I for one do not want to live under a monarchy or under socialism. I like the fact that I control my destiny, at least to some degree.

Steve Avery