Thursday, August 27, 2009

Jihad Against the US Constitution

The radical Muslim terrorist groups use the term "Jihad" to band together radicals in the fight for their beliefs, their holy war to expand the Muslim beliefs. In the terrorists groups the leaders of the Jihad will convince their followers that they can become a martyr by becoming homicide / suicide bombers and further the cause of the Jihad. These bombers are the terrorists we have been condemning since 9-11. The leaders of the Jihad are always in the background, making the speeches and reaping the benefits or crying for the failings of their loyal followers, never concerned with the many innocent lives that are lost for the cause, in some cases these innocents are also of the Muslim belief, they are just considered to be necessary casualties of war and more martyrs to the cause, even if they did not choose this end. There are even stories of bombers that would be guaranteed that their families would be taken care of if they became a martyr, not that they would ever know if the other end of the bargain was held up.

Well we are now facing a "Jihad" of our own, one against our Constitution and the Government that we fought so long ago to establish. Our leaders, our politicians in Washington, are making the speeches and giving the rally cries to their followers while smearing any opposition to their belief. If you do not agree with what they are trying to sell you, you are an infidel. Just like the leaders of the terrorist Jihads our politicians are not practicing what they preach. They are telling the American public that the bills they are pushing through are necessary changes for the good of the "people". This agenda they are pushing is moving us away from our capitalistic base and towards a socialistic society, a society that is for the good of all, a redistribution of the wealth, they are going to level the playing field. Do these catch phrases sound like anything you have heard recently? The question is this, is everyone going to move to a more level playing field? Is everyone going to have their wealth redistributed? Probably not. If you know the right people or belong to the right politically connected organization then you are not going to be on the same playing field as the rest of us, you are going to be like the terrorists Jihad leaders, sitting back making the speeches, convincing the masses that they are doing the right thing while you are reaping the benefits. Seems to me the leaders of the jihad against the US Constitution are practicing capitalism, they are capitalizing on the product or service they are offering, which is to kill capitalism in the rest of the nation.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Cash For Clunkers

Once again Cash for Clunkers is in the news. The Government mouthpieces are touting what a great success it has been. The more conservative news media talks about where the money for the program is coming from and questions how successful it really is, the dealers talk about how much of the promised money they have not received, what no one talks about is the back lash that we will be seeing over the next few months.
I agree with the media complaints about where the money is coming from, again I have to state that the Government produces nothing, the money they are spending is coming out of our pockets, so we the tax payers are paying other tax payers to get new cars. I'm not in the market for a new car but I'm helping to pay for thousands of them.
I agree with the complaints the dealers have about the money they were promised for the clunkers, they have honored their end of the deal and now have a lot of money tied up in the Governments great program. The Government on the other hand is not getting the money owed out to the dealers, so how long before we start seeing dealers closing their doors again? Is this just another way for the Government to say "See, we stopped the program and the dealers are failing, we need to keep throwing money at them"?
I even agree with the environmentalist that say the program is going to use more energy and cause more green house gases to destroy the traded in "clunkers" then it would have to just keep driving them. It would have made more sense to do the deals then find the poor working slobs that are being responsible that can not afford new cars even though what they are driving is belching out blue smoke and falling apart and give the traded in "clunkers" to them. Yes I said give them and take the real clunkers off the road. I have seen the supposed "clunkers" in roll off trash containers in front of dealerships, the ones I've seen are not "clunkers".
What I'm not hearing about or hearing very little about is what is going to happen in 3, 6 or even 12 months down the line when the people that took advantage of this wonderful deal realize they can't afford the $35,000 or $40,000 new car they just bought. Last I checked the economy still has not recovered, un-employment is still up, and home foreclosures are still going up. Maybe that's the plan, they will live in their cars. So what is going to happen when they can't make the payments? Are we going to see repo's going up? Are the banks going to get into trouble again? Is the Government going to bail the bank and loan companies out again? Damn I'm starting to sound like Forest Gump.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Health Care

I'm sitting here listening to more reports on Health Care, like there's anything else being talked about, and getting more and more frustrated. The Bills that Congress is proposing just make no sense at all if you even remotely believe in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. We are just looking at one more step in becoming slaves of the Government. Is that how you want to live, I don't!

I don't have the answers to the issue, if I did I'd be in Washington making the big bucks, but I do have some ideas. We do have a problem with people that are out of work or whoever they work for just can't afford a group policy. For those people maybe the Government should step in and provide basic health care. Basic health care could include regular checkups, basic dental, basic optometry and of course basic life saving. I personally have 2 kids that fit in that category. You want more, get a better job or work to improve your situation so you can buy your own insurance. There are plenty of people that chose not to purchase health care, even if it's available through their employer, they would rather spend that money in other ways. To prevent those that don't feel the need to have insurance there should be an maximum income level to qualify for a Government program, remember, keep the Government out of free enterprise, if you are making a good living and don't chose to protect your health then that is your call, not the Governments. For those that have health care insurance there needs to be tort reform and a change to anti-trust laws to allow for more competition between insurance companies. To make it even more helpful change the tax laws to allow 100% write off for necessary health care, not cosmetic surgery and other procedures along those lines, they are a luxury. What ever you do keep the Government away from those that can afford their own health care. Those that are on welfare can do their part also. Anyone on welfare that is below retirement age should have to earn their welfare checks and their Medicaid benefits. There are plenty of parks, roadways, etc that need to be cleaned up. I know some will say that there are those on welfare that just can't work, really? Why? As my Dad keeps pointing out there are people working at WalMart that are confined to wheel chairs and can do little more then smile when you enter the store, they are working and probably damn proud of it too! If you have children you have to take care of, well you can watch other peoples children so they can go to work or clean a park or whatever. Looking for a job and taking drug tests should be a requirement for receiving welfare also, it really makes no sense to provide health care for people that are taking money from the Government and going out and pickling their livers or killing their braincells with drugs. The unemployment laws also need to change to include health care as a part of the unemployment insurance, sure Cobra is fine, but have you ever priced it, it's more expensive and you just lost your job, yea that works.

I'm not in favor of the Government being involved in my life anymore then they already are, in fact I'm in favor of them being involved less then they currently are, but... There are those that could use the help. Any Government program should only be a stop gap measure to help someone get back on their feet. Oh yea, one last thing, no health care other then basic life saving measures for illegals, once they are bandaged and stable they are put on a bus. I'm against illegal immigration but I'm not inhumane.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Random thoughts

Still haven't started on the Bill of Rights but it's coming. I have been doing some out of the box thinking on things that are going on.

Congress seems to be very short sighted when they are proposing bills, they look at the short term only. Cap and Trade for example looks like a great way to reduce green house gas emissions. Let's make it expensive to industries to pollute so they will take measures to reduce the emissions, great right? Not so fast. It's very expensive to update equipment and install exhaust scrubbers and filters and so forth. It's going to be very expensive to purchase carbon credits to keep from being in violation with the law. So who is going to absorb these costs? Well it won't be the power companies, the steel factories, the chemical plants or any other industry, it will be the consumer. As prices go up consumers will have to cut back on what they purchase, this includes utilities. As purchases go down companies will cut back or even close down because they just can't afford to continue operating, more people will lose their jobs and go on un-employment or welfare, fewer people will be paying into taxes and the large industries like power companies will be begging the Government for bailout money. The Government in response to these events will tell the general public that we just can't let the power companies fail so they will pass a bill to keep them going and to transfer control to the Government since the power companies obviously can't manage their own finances. To pay for this our taxes will be raised and more money will be printed therefore leaving less in our wallets and what is left will be worth less, or is that worthless. So now as we sit at home at night taking cold showers, not turning on the lights or TV and eating cold canned beans the Government will be spouting how they saved the Power companies. OK, maybe this is extreme, or is it.

The Health Care bill can be analyzed the same way, only now it will be doctors not making enough money to pay off their student loans or pay their malpractice insurance so they start leaving the country to setup clinics in countries that have less stringent rules where they can continue offering what will be considered optional medical services in the USA, like dialysis, colonoscopies, plastic surgery, and on and on. Now back in the good ole USA doctors are leaving the hospitals and fewer young people are entering the medical field since their is no future in it, the doctors that are idealistic and stayed are now overworked so they start making mistakes, malpractice suits go up causing costs to go up which in turn causes our taxes to go up, remember it's now a Government run program. So now we are sitting in our darkened houses eating cold canned beans but now we are sweating because we have a high fever from taking cold showers and not being able to get proper medical care. Sounds like a plan to me, I've always wondered what it would be to live in the dark ages.

One other thing that kept rattling around in my head this past week was the Professor Gates issue. Before I alienate anyone let me state that I completely disagree with racism, we should judge people by who they are, not their color, gender, age, religious belief or class. Now for the rant. Both parties over acted in this case and that was already covered, but this story has tenticles that stretched farther. A police officer in Boston (if I remember correctly) did a stupid thing by writting an e-mail to other colleagues about the Gates issue and he used racist remarks to describe Gates, not good. He has been suspended and will probably lose his job. I'm not saying one way or the other as to whether that is right or wrong, what I have a problem with is the way the media has treated it. The media is pushing for this officer to be fired since he is obviously a racist and how can he be trusted to work with other racies in the performance of his job. Well..... what about Gates? His rant to the officer was obviously racist also, he is a professor at a university that has black as well as white students, so can he now be trusted to treat the white students fairly in the performance of his job? All I'm saying is what's good for the officer is good for the professor.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Tea Parties

I haven't started in on my next project, going through the Bill of Rights but it will be soon. I did want to comment on the Town Hall meetings that the Representatives are having now that they are on their summer break. When the April 15th Tea Parties were going on the far left media started calling everyone that attended "Tea Baggers". They completely lost the point of the Tea Parties since they were not about taxes like the original Boston Tea Party was. We all know that the Tea Parties were a protest against our out of control Government. Well the recent town hall meetings are heading down the same path the British Parliament did in the 1700's. Our politicians are not listening to the people and they are trying to push through bills that are not in the best interest of the people. These bills are going to increase our taxes at all levels if not right away, eventually. So we are now at a point where we do have outright taxation without representation. Even with this being said I wish to encourage everyone to go to the town hall meetings if possible and have your voice heard.