Sunday, January 13, 2013

Guns, Laws and the Government

            I have thought about writing on the subject of guns for quite a while now but I wasn't sure of exactly what I wanted to say, rather I wasn't sure of how to say what I wanted.  Just for full disclosure let me state that I am currently a member of the NRA.  The NRA likes to tout the 2nd Amendment as being all the authorization a person needs to lawfully carry a gun, sorry, not true.  The 2nd Amendment, and in fact Amendments 1 through 8, have been misconstrued as being the rights of all the People in these United States.  This fallacy has been perpetuated by what is called the Incorporation Doctrine, a doctrine that could ultimately give the Federal Government all the power they could ever desire over the citizens of these United States.

I purposely left out the 9th and 10th Amendments since the 9th states that all powers not stated in the Constitution and not given to the States remains in the hands of the People and the 10th states the same only for the States, in other words these back up the preamble to the Bill of Rights.  Speaking of the preamble to the Bill of Rights, most do not even know it exists, it plainly states that the Bill of Rights are further restrictions on the Federal Government, they are not rights of the People. 

Every State has a Constitution, these individual Constitutions are the ones that need to be studied and defended or fought.  Several States prohibit the private ownership of guns, as is their right.  If you live in a State that prohibits the ownership of guns then you have two choices, fight the State legislation to have the Constitution legally amended, or move to another State.  Vote with your feet.

Recently we have had several tragedies involving guns within the borders of these United States.  No person of conscience believes these shootings should have happened, and they are right.  Where they are wrong is the belief that Government regulations or even Law Enforcement could have prevented them.  I do not have the answer for what would have prevented them but I do believe that advertising that guns were not allowed was a contributing factor, like painting a target on someone’s back.

            The morning talk shows are competing for air time with ways to prevent these types of tragedies in the future.  What no one seems to be willing to say is that tragedies of this nature are going to happen, no matter what the Government or the anti gun activists do.  Those that do not like guns are going to do whatever is possible to get guns out of the hands of the average person; this will not stop the crimes.  You can take all the guns out of the law abiding citizens’ hands and those that want to commit a crime using a gun will still be able to obtain one.

The Government can increase regulations making it harder for the law abiding citizen to purchase a gun, but it will not stop the criminals, if anything, it may increase the violent crimes committed on the law abiding citizen.  These measures will also turn many citizens, citizens that have never knowingly broke a law in their life, into criminals because they will hide guns or even openly oppose Government officials when they come to try and take the guns.

            Ted Nugent likes to say that an armed citizenry is a polite citizenry.  There is a lot of truth in this statement.  If there were no signs advertising no gun zones, if there were no laws that created financial burdens and mounds of red tape for the ownership of guns and if there were not the stigma of gun ownership that the anti-gun activists are creating, criminals would not know who is armed and who is not.  Criminals are opportunists that prey on the weakest and easiest targets; this means those they believe to be unarmed and unwilling to fight back.  The Aurora shooting is one of the best examples of this, even in the mans supposed deranged thinking he chose a theater that was posted as a gun free zone over ones that were closer to his home that were not posted.

            The morning talk shows are also awash with experts spouting off about how the Sandy Hook shooting would not have occurred if the Mother had locked up the guns, especially knowing her son had some mental problems.  Again, if the guns were locked in a safe or not it really would not have mattered.  If some one is determined enough they will find the guns, even if it means finding out the combination of the safe, after all, this man did kill his Mother before he went to Sandy Hook.  People that want to commit crimes will figure out how to commit crimes, they instinctively know things that the average person would not even think of. 

I heard one so called expert say that if you are going to have a gun for protection then it should be on your person and be the only one that is not under lock and key.  Well there are a few problems with thinking this way, are you going to sleep with it strapped to your waist?  Have you ever had children wander around the house in the middle of the night?  In rural areas guns are used to protect both family and livestock from both two and four legged criminals.  For a gun to be a useful tool it must be ready to perform the task it was designed for.  The best defense for this is to become educated, educate your family and be cognizant of who is in your home and where your unlocked guns are, just as you keep track of where you car is and the keys for it.

            If you want to outlaw guns because they are so dangerous then you might as well outlaw anything with a point, anything that can be used as a club and all motorized vehicles.  The only sure fire way to ensure your own safety from others is to never interact with another person, live in a rubber room and only eat things that have been tested and sterilized to the point that there is no taste at all.  In other words no one can ensure you are going to be 100% safe; that is life.  The Government can not protect you from all things that may hurt or harm you, all they can do is create regulations that make life hard and turn otherwise law abiding people into criminals. 

            There is some question as to just what the real motive of the Government is.  Do they not employ body guards that carry guns?  So exactly why do they want to take the guns from the average citizen?  There is historical evidence that Governments that take the guns also take the freedoms of the people, is that what you want?  Not me.

            I know this is an unpopular stance on this topic but it is a stance that has to be defended.  I am just as sickened by all the tragedies that have occurred recently, but I am trying to be realistic about all of it.  Life is not fair, it never has been.  There are no guarantees in life and there never has been.  Laws are for honest people not for those that want to commit crimes such as these.

Steve Avery